GRITS 2015 - FRC Off Season Event

Robots Southern Style


6th Annual GRITS FRC Off-Season Competition, planned and organized by GeorgiaFIRST and the GeorgiaFIRST FRC Planning committee volunteers.


Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015 (Friday, Oct. 9 from 3-7:30pm is an optional load in and practice day for teams) 


Check back for more details on the location of GRITS 2015 coming soon.


FREE to spectators!

Registration fee: $300 due by September 25th.

Pre-Rookies: Free!

2nd Robot Entries per Team if slots are still available after Regular Registration: $300

Registration opens August 9th.

Check out photos of GRITS 2014 at the GeorgiaFIRST Flicker site linked at the top of



This is an opportunity for FRC teams (Veteran, Rookie, and Pre-Rookie) from all over Georgia and beyond to come together one more time after the end of the competition season. Share experiences, learn from each other, build new friendships, practice and compete with robots, and have fun! This is also an opportunity to bring new team members, mentors, or sponsors up to speed on what FIRST is really all about.


Teams from all over Georgia and beyond are coming together in Atlanta. Come watch robots compete in the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition game – Aerial Assist!  The 120lb robots compete in 3 team alliances and score by passing and shooting giant exercise balls through end goals much like basketball. 

For More Information:

Email GRITS Information

Interested in sponsoring, volunteering, or mentoring? Let us know!